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Bali Swing

I was invited by Bali Swing to go check out one of Bali's most popular attractions. The shots of stunning views while swinging in the air are definitely a hit on instagram and get pinned all the time under 'inspo' or 'travel goals' on Pinterest. Flowy dresses and waiting lines are the first things that catch the eye when you enter this adult playground. My friend Kat, who accompanied me on my Bali-trip said it best: we are not here to have fun, we are here to take pictures!

Bali Swing flowy dress on swing dreamy picture

I felt a little bit overwhelmed by all the swings (I always thought it was just one or 2 but there turned to be like 15, some group swings, beds etc.). There were so many people waiting in line and we didn't really know where to start.

the bali swing ubud

We decided to go stand in line somewhere but since our day program was so busy we had to move fast. As a blogger I had an agreement going on with Bali Swing, I had to take multiple pictures for the company which is perfectly fine but we were not gonna stay the whole day waiting in line to get the job done. We explained our situation to the staf members and they were trying to help us as fast as possible.

We managed to get on a smaller swing. The views were stunning and the swing was so exciting ! They really make sure everything is been done safely. Safety strap around the waist and nets under the part where the swing goes up in the air.

The next swing was also kind of packed so we waited for like 15 minutes and created our content. After that we decided we did'nt want to wait in line for another swing so we went to the famous birds nest.

Another 20 minutes in line. Our driver was waiting and we were getting behind on our schedule!

Bali swing ubud flowy dress birds nest bird nest

We ate lunch at Bali Swing which was delicous and enjoyed the beautiful view. I felt like I did not have all the content yet that I wanted to have but wasting any more time waiting was not an option. We already had spend 2 hours there and we had other oppointments on the list for today.

I had some mixed feelings leaving this place. As a blogger you are working for and with the company but they made us wait so so long to get on the swings. No fast pass or cutting lines. If you want good promo you should provide the possibilities to create good experiences and materials.

If you have the time and you want to spend at least half a day at The Bali Swing for a nice picture do it! If you have other activities planned that day I recommend you going any other day. The views are amazing and the concept is super cool. Unfortunately many companies try to copy Bali Swing. This is the only authentic swing activity and I would support the original creators over copy cats.

Head over to the website for more info.

I want to thank Bali Swing for their hospitality and having us enjoy their fun activity!


This post was made in collaboration with Bali Swing but opinions are honest and my own.

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