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Burasari resort: a tropical oasis in Phuket

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Burasari resort is located just 50m from one of Phuket's most famous beaches: Patong beach. This boutique resort is where comfort and luxury go hand in hand. Multiple pools, spa treatments and good food are just some of the key ingredients Burasari has to offer. I have spend three nights at the resort and absolutely loved it!


Burasari is located in the heart of Patong. When you walk out of the resort on your left you can find the beach (50m) and on your right you can walk towards the busy city of Patong. Right around the corner you can find tons of bars, pubs and restaurants such as Hard Rock Café and Hooters. During the evening Patong transforms itself to a real party scene. Proppers are holding up price lists for the famous pingpong shows and happy hour adverts. Loud music and bright lights are all over the place. When you walk by the clubs and bars you can see waitresses dressed in funny costumes dancing on the bar or on a pole. Trust me, you won't be bored here in Patong! Burasari has the perfect location to spend your holiday in Phuket.

Click image to see the exact location on Google maps

Arrival and spa

I arrived at Burasari in the late afternoon. The receptionist told me the room was almost ready but instead of waiting in the lobby I could enjoy a spa treatment at their spa. Burasari spa is is an award winning luxury spa located in the resort. Can you believe that the resort offers a complementary spa treatment to the guests?! I was so excited about this! A 2 hour treatment was waiting for me, starting off with a foot massage. This was exactly what I needed after another day of traveling! So relaxing! After the foot massage I was guided to a steam sauna. It felt so good to sweat everything out and feel my muscles relax. About 15 minutes later it was time to start the massage. It was such a great experience and something I haven't had experienced before. The masseuse placed hot cherry pit pillows on my body and in my neck while massaging my legs and feet. Then she started to massage my back and shoulders and even my head was being massaged. (I love head massages/hair scratches lol).


By the time the massage was finished I decided to go have dinner at Kantok, the restaurant by the resort. Burasari also offers a complementary dinner for 2 pax if you book a stay with them and who doesn't love a free meal?! For starters I got fried soft shell crab, for my main I picked Pad Thai and for dessert I decided to go with a variaty of Thai desserts, all with coconut and mango. The food was delicious and great quality. I happened to have my dinner during a Thai dancing show. The dancers were wearing beautiful traditional Thai costumes and were dancing with such an elegance. What an amazing night!

The room

The room was very spacious with a King size bed. The staff left a cute note in the form of leaves and flowers on the bed, so sweet! There was a fruit basket placed on the desk and some info about the hotel and spa. I really can appreciate little gestures like those!

The bathroom was seperated from the bedroom with a glass window. I loved the signature shampoo, conditioner, showergel and body lotion, all with a sweet coconut scent. If you have been reading my blogs you know that I love when a hotel offers bathrobes. Burasari has next level bathrobes: made out of silk! And it get's better, they also offer a pair of slippers to their guests. Pink ones and blue ones, so cute!


After a great night rest in the comfortable bed and fluffy pillows it was time to have breakfast, also at Kantok. There were tables outside and inside to sit. The options for breakfast were enormous! I was surprised by the huge variety of dishes. There were hot asian dishes such as noodles, curries and sweet and sour chicken. More hot dishes such as pancakes, french toast, bacon and all types of eggs were placed on the other side of the buffet. Inside there were a bunch of cold dished and things such as cake, pastries and cereals. That's what I call a good breakfast!

The resort has 2 big pools each with their own ambience. Burasari also has rooms with pool access and rooms with cabana's on the balcony also with a view on the pool. If I would ever return I would definitely get a room with pool access cause I love early morning swims!

I enjoyed my stay at Burasari a lot. This boutique hotel has everything you need for your Phuket holiday. Great food, a spa to relax, multiple pools with a pool bar, beautiful and spacious rooms,.. The location is excellent as well. The resort is located only 50m away from Patong beach and on a 5 min walking distance from the busy party street. There are plenty of bars, pubs, restaurants and even shows going on right around the corner. I would love to go back one day and experience more of Burasari!

If you would like some more info about the hotel you can head over to the website. For the links you can click here.


All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are strictly my own.

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