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Elephant mud fun at Bali Zoo

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

During my blogger trip through Bali I was invited by the Bali Zoo to be part of their new program: elephant mud fun ! This program gives you the opportunity to get close to the friendly Sumatran elephants and get dirty with them in the mud! The zoo is located in Gianyar so we had to depart very early to make it on time for the mud fun. I was so excited to see these beautiful creatures up close for the fist time. A perfect activity while visiting Bali!

elephant bali feeding elephants what to do in bali

The day started with a short walk through the zoo. Right when we entered the park cute little deer and wallabies were walking around freely, nibbling on some grass. Couldn't help but stop, pet them and take a quick picture, so cute !

Bali Zoo Wallaby fun animals
Wallaby at Bali Zoo

A safari bus took us from one part of the zoo to the area where the elephant mud fun was about to take place. Everything in the park was just so beautiful. Waterfalls, streams, animals. The whole thing just felt right and the animals had so much space to walk around. We were escorted to our lockers where we were able to change into our bathingsuits. When everyone was ready we got to cut food for the elephants such as carrots, pumpkin.. to feed it to them later.

Once we arrived at the mud pool area the elephants were brought out by their mahout. Four beautiful giants walked out and we got to enjoy the moment of feeding them. Elephants are super smart and my first impression was exactly that! They would search your body with their trunk to get more goodies into their mouths.

Did you know they have four big teeth ? And a very soft tongue lol ! I had no clue.

Then it was time to go to the mud pool. We were told to go first and rub ourselves with mud ! Bonding with elephants and a good skin treatment all in one ;). My friend and I had so much fun playing around with the mud and things even got better when the elephants came to play with us. Elephants use mud baths to cool down their skin since they don't have sweat glands so this is how they keep their body temperature from rising. We rubbed mud on their bodies and they seemed to enjoy the pampering.

mud fun mudbath muddy

It was not allowed to take phones or cameras with us around the elephants to prevent them from swallowing it. The Bali Zoo had a team taking pictures while this amazing experience so we didn't miss out on documenting this special moment.

As a blogger and guest of Bali Zoo we had been givin the opportunity to take pictures with the elephants in a seperate place and alone with the elephants. We got to enjoy more time with them and had some more fun feeding them carrots and bananas. I absolutely loved that they took the time for us to create great content!

elephants bali feeding elephant indonesia

After the mud bath and content creation it was time for a shower and a good clean up, for us and for the elephants.

elephants elephant girl with elephant dreamy picture bucket list bali

Bali Zoo was so generous to invite us for lunch with an amazing view: the lions' pit!

The food was amazing and we had the opportunity to sit and talk with some other bloggers.

We had an amazing time at Bali Zoo and I am very greatful for their hospitality. I definitely recommend paying them a visit when in Bali. Bali Zoo also offers other programs like breakfast with orangutans, night at the zoo and many more.

To see more head over to the website.

Contact info of the zoo: Jl. Raya Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar 80582

+62 361 294357


This article was made in collaboration with Bali Zoo but all my opinions are my own.

No elephants were harmed during this activity. No elephant riding was going on during this activity. We treated the animals with care and respect.

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