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Good Hotel, the hotel that will inspire you

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

'Sleep good, do good' is one of the motto's of Good Hotel. Located at Royal Victoria Docks, a very peaceful area by the water, the hotel stands out with simplicity. I can tell you anyone that will enter Good Hotel will find themselfves inspired. Good Hotel is all about charity and that is exactly what makes the concept so special, I just had to write about it.

Good Hotel London
Good Hotel London

Let me start by telling you the most important thing about the hotel: the concept. In everything they offer, do or provide, there is one core element: the word 'good'. Good Hotel was founded by the Good Group, a charity organisation. It stands for business combined with charity. With every booking made they invest in social causes.

They have projects such as

- investing in the education of over 500 children of low–income families living in and around the mountain villages of Antigua, Guatemala.

- Training unemployed locals and provide them with jobs.

- They support local causes all around the world. Everywhere in the hotel you can find posters or screens showcasing their projects and testimonies of the people being helped by the Good Group. I felt so inspired during my stay! As a (former) pageant queen I have a soft spot for charity and I felt Good Hotel was the right place for me to stay.

The hotel is located at Royal Victoria docks. A very peaceful area and far outside the city center. There is'nt really much to do but very close to thehotel you can find the under- and over ground so it is pretty easy to get the center of London. In my opinion the location could be the biggest plus for some but for others this will hold them back to book a stay.

The living room can be found when you enter and where all the foods and drinks are being served. I love the concept of this, instead of a lobby or regular dining room this area makes you feel litteraly at home, relaxing in the living room.

Good Hotel Living room

The Rooftop bar seemed to be a really cool spot to enjoy the sun and grab drinks. Unfortunately it was closed and only opens in april.

The room was very basic and not so spacious. I did get the concept though of everything being ecological, made out of materials that are good and sustainable. I did love the view, the water and lights at night were so romantic. I loved the fact they left a cute note for me and felt appreciated as an influencer to work with them.

Room at good hotel

Breakfast was awesome and presented in a nice way. In the middle of the 'living room' there is a bar where the food is stalled out. Everything was good food, good for the body and delicous! I loved having so many healthy options like avocado spread, skim yoghurt, many fresh fruits, nuts and seeds to choose from.

Breakfast at Good Hotel
Breakfast at Good Hotel

I enjoyed the experience of staying at Good Hotel. My stay was lovely and I felt so inspired seeing and reading about all the charity work they are doing. The concept is remarkable and I feel very honored that I could be a part of it. As an influencer, creating content for a project so beautiful really warmed my heard and I hope to influence many of you to book a stay at Good Hotel and also be part of something bigger, something beautiful, something Good.

*Disclaimer: I was hosted by Good Hotel for 1 night complimentary but all opinions are my own. To see more of Good Hotel or to make a booking click the link.

To see more check out my travel vlog about my blogger trip to London:

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