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Hair care with 'Aluminé'

The company 'Benevita' reached out to me to try hairproducts from their brand 'Aluminé'. Benevita also provides skin care which I will be testing later. I got the shampoo and conditioner with argan- and macadamia oil for people with dry hair, like myself.

The bottles are 250 ml. When you have a lot of hair like I do this will probably be finished in about 6 weeks :). My first impression is the smell: it smells soooo good! The texture is nice and creamy and it felt like my hair actually absorbed the products.

Fresh out the shower my curls look bouncy and healthy. I didn't need a detangling spray or brush to comb my hair which is good.

I will keep using these products for sure, combined with the products I already use. I just need that little extra since my hair is very dry. The products smoothed my hair a little but I would not trade this conditioner for my leave-in conditioner, but once again: my hair is suuuper dry and hard. I think that is why for me a leave-in option with this formula would be awesome! Don't get me wrong: I am satisfied about 'Aluminé'.

'Aluminé' provides different types of shampoo and conditioner so you can choose in function of what your hair needs. They also have mousse and plenty of other stuff. If anyone would be interested in trying these out and ordering them, let me know by clicking the 'EMAIL ME' button at the top of my page so I can ask the company for your discount. Unfortunately they could not provide discount coupons and they told me I had to contact them directly if anyone would like to place an order. Go check out their website and products here.

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