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Herbalife SKIN

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

It's no secret that I love organic/botanical products when it comes to skin care. Herbalife SKIN is a production from Herbalife, it is a solution-based skin care line with the focus on 'nurturing' your skin the right way so you get a healthier appearance. I love the fact that everything is paraben-free, sulfate-free and tested by dermatologists. Also a big plus is that no animals were used to test the products !

skin care skin herbalife beauty products
Herbalife SKIN

In all honesty I didn't even know herbalife had skin products. Thanks to @herbatasticlife I got the opportunity to try these products out. I have been using them since which is a couple of weeks now. I even took them with me to Egypt! My experience has been very positive with all the products but I will list down my favourites for you.

1. Instant reveal berry scrub

Your skin sheds dead skincells all the time so it definitely is important to scrub and remove all the excess dead skin. I love a good scrub once in a while and I really like using the berry scrub. The base is Aloe Vera and contains berry seeds + beads for the exfoliation. Also any anti-oxidants like Vitamins C and E are added to it. My skin feels so smooth and clean after using this.

2. Hydrating eye cream This eyecream minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The eye area is known to have a lower amount of sweat and oil glands, which makes this area easy to get dehydrated. It contains vitamins B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E and Aloe Vera. Also macadamia nut oil and cucumber extract: no more cutting up cucumbers to lay under your eye ! I like the fact that this eye cream makes me look less tired on busy days and gives me an instant fresh feeling.

3. Purifying mint clay mask

This creamy clay mask has the toning effects of bentonite clay and is also absorbant to remove dirt and absorb excess oil. Interesting fact: the mask was tested on subjects, measuring pore appearance by visual expert grading immediately after application. 100% showed improvement in appearance of pores immediately after use. It's best to apply this mask before you use any serum or facial cream so the absorbance will be better. The ingerdients are rosemary leaf oil and spearmint oil and of course: aloe vera, anti-oxidants and vitamin B3. I like to use this clay mask after I scrub my skin. The combo of these 2 = baby soft skin !

4. Soothing aloe cleanser

I love the gel-ish structure of the cleanser. You don't need a lot to take off all your make up and you can really smell and feel the aloe vera in it. Aloe vera is known to soften the and moisturize the skin.

Honestly, all the products were good and I love using them on a daily basis but these are the products I liked using most. I would definitely recommend giving Herbalife SKIN a try. Compared to other products they aren't that pricy, everything is organic and cruelty free.

Disclaimer This post was made in collaboration with @herbatasticlife but as always all opinions are my own. If you want more info or want to try the products head over to @herbatasticlife .

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