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How to pack a carry on for a citytrip in winter ?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Hey guys! It's february and winter is almost over. Although spring is right around the corner I just couldn't resist to book another trip, away from the snow here in Belgium. I decided to go to Spain, Alicante for 5 days since my hubby's uncle lives there now and the tickets were very affordable. Packing my suitcase used to be an absolute pain in the *ss but when I started to travel more it also became easier. Some people might think I'm crazy but I like to look good on my trips, the right outfits, make-up done,.. It truely can be a chore and it also takes some preparation and that's why I will share my packing tips with you. Are you the kind of person that really struggles packing ? Well, then this is for you!

1. Check the forecast and keep checking it !

Don't just check the weather 5 days ahead and then forget about it. Things can change a lot! Make sure to keep checking the forecast everyday, starting 5 days prior. This helped me in the past. I once packed my suitcase for sunny weather, turned out it was going to rain, just awesome. Checking the forecast is one step of the preparation but a very important one. You want to make sure your wardrobe matches the temperature.

2. Don't overhype the temperature

Ow this one still gets me now and then. When you see 16 degrees Celcius you might get excited cause it's probably way colder where you live. This is most of the times the case for me. I'll be freezing my *ss off in Belgium and get excited when I see it's like 10 degrees Celcius hotter at my destination. Skirts and crop tops all the way! (This used to be me) No honey, no. It might look like a big difference, and it is, but don't forget it still can be cold and you need to pack winter clothes! Dress in layers in case it get's hot but keep the kidneys warm.

3. Google some 'moodboards'

If you really have no clue what to pack just go on google and type something like 'what to wear in winter Spain' and you will find these cute 'moodboards' with outfits put together. If I ran out of inspo that is what I do and it might remind me I have similar items in my closet.

Source: Pinterest

4. Plan ahead and pack in outfits

If you are a fashionista or you just like to take nice pictures on vacay like myself it is important to have some nice outfits in your suitcase. Think about what you want to wear a couple of days before you leave and think in matching items! I always pack in outfits for example, a jeans with a matching turtleneck, matching shoes and matching jacket. Then I will pick 2 or 3 outfits more (max) like a dress with tights, another jacket and 2 more jeans with matching tops. The thing is you can also mix and match between the outfits but knowing that I have my combo's ready when I get there really makes things easier. This works way better than picking random items you might take the wrong things with you. Planning and thinking about your outfits is the key.

5. How to create a different look easily

You don't want to look the same everyday so the key is: bring 2 jackets. This is a must for me. It is simple, takes up a little more space but I would rather bring 2 jackets than an extra top and jeans! The same outfit can look totally different just by wearing another jacket. Always wear the heaviest one while you travel and put the lighter one in your suitcase. Layers are again important here. If your second jacket is too light you can still keep warm by wearing layers!

This is the jacket I packed, the camel coat in the picture at the top is the one I was wearing during traveling.

6. Don't overpack

This is a hard one, especially for me but I learned that every time I go somewhere I always find a nice shirt or dress that's also wearable during my holiday. Always save some space for shopping !

7. Making choices

You have to think about what is more important for you. For example, would you rather take 3 pairs of shoes and leave a sweater home or the other way around? I definitely go for the shoes. I feel so uncomfortable knowing that I only brought 2 pairs of shoes for 5 days. Most of the time I take 3 pairs and if I have plans to go clubbing I try to fit those heels in there too.

8. Try to use all your space efficient

Yup all of it. With this I mean that I also use you purse or backpack efficient. I try to put my make-up in there or maybe that cute top I bought and can't fit in my suitcase anymore. You will be surprised how much space you have in your purse when your suitcase refuses to close. Also, I once totally overdid it when it came to shopping and I ended up wearing like 2 shirts on top of eachother.

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