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Instagrammable places in Bali

Since the instagram ara has come upon us everyone is always looking for instagrammable places while traveling. Bali has a ton of them and makes this the Mekka to shoot some awesome instagram pictures. I listed some of my favourite places in Bali to take best shots.

1. Nusa Penida

Although I absolutely hated the day tour around the island, Nusa Penida is amazing to take the most beautiful beach view pictures. The water is crystal blue, the sand is white and technically the whole island has has stunning beaches. The most famous spots to take pictures at are Angels' Billabong, Diamond beach, KelingKing beach and Broken beach. If you really want to enjoy the island I suggest you to stay 2 nights on Nusa Penida cause the day tours are SO packed and touristy. You hardly get any time to enjoy the beaches and the amount of people are from 50-a couple hundreds.

Broken Beach Nusa Penida best beaches Bali
Broken beach

Angels Billabong Nusa Penida Best beaches Bali
Angels Billabong

2. Flower bath

No Bali without a flower bath picture of course. I definitely would recommend booking a spa day and take a beautiful picture in a flower bath. Unfortunately we ended up booking a spa that wasn't that great and this shot was the best I came up with in the flower bath.

3. Rice Terrace

Go visit any rice terrace if you want a nice picture for instagram. The most famous and also biggest one is Tegalalang Rice Terrace but you can find them anywhere in Bali where it's less crowded. Pererenan or the Soka rice fields are also great places to take pictures.

4. Floating Breakfast

Another famous attraction in Bali: having floating breakfast. A great experience and very instagrammable. You can look for hotels that offer this option or there are companies who deliver floating breakfast at your villa. Another possibility is to book your floating breakfast at one of the hotels that offer this option.

5. Bali Swing - Ubud

A huge playground for adults technically and the Mecca for instagram models like myself lol. The Bali Swing is desinged to take the most stunning pictures. The best formula is a flowy dress, a friend to take a great picture and nog being scared of hights. The security at Bali Swing is really good so no reason to worry. I absolutely loved the dreamy shot I came up with. They also have different things such as bird nests or huge rocks to take pictures on but the swing is definitely my favourite. Make sure you have enough time that day because the waiting lines can be very long.

Bali Swing dreamy picture flowy dress ubud
Bali Swing Ubud

6. Waterfalls

There are a couple of stunning waterfalls in Bali where you can take amazing shots. I visited 2 but there are many more. The ones I visited were the Air Terjun Tibumana waterfall and wisata air terjun kanto lampo waterfall: two very different waterfalls. Also good options are Leke Leke and Gitgit waterfall. There are a dozen of waterfalls in Bali so it all depends on your location and how far you wanna travel to see them.

Bali has many more amazing places to shoot great content but these are my favourite ones from my Bali trip.

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