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Joïkka: A timeless jewelery brand

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

If you love sophisticated jewelery that will have you drippin' in finesse (as Bruno Mars would say ;)) then Joïkka is the right match for you. This French brand understands the power of 'less is more' with their elegant and beautiful desings.

Joïkka was created by Alexandre Murat, who already was experienced in the sales of jewelery online and Diana Bitton, the creative soul behind the brand.

The goal was to make jewelery accessable for every woman and so the succes story of Joïkka was born.

Joïkka works with nobel and sophisticated materials such as a variety of stones in different colours but also with materials such as 9 or 18 karats of gold and diamonds. Even though this brand looks very luxurious you can already get your jewel starting from 100 euros.

Joïkka offers necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. and I found it very hard to pick something. Everything looks so beautiful and elegant. I decided to go for a necklace since I don't really have a lot of necklaces and I think that can make your outfit look so much nicer.

You can find all the necklaces here.

I picked 'necklace Chrysta'. A beautiful piece with an opal rose stone which matches almost anything you wear. I absolutely love pastels so this one was perfect for me. The Chrysta necklace contains 1.5g of 18 karats gold and the chain is about 42cm long. I love the fact that every piece is described very well on the website from chain length to materials used.

When I unboxed the Chrysta necklace the first thing that baffled me was the packaging! It looks like a gift box which makes their items the perfect gift! When you open up the box a smaller one pops up with a ribbon saying Joïkka on it. I absolutely loved how pretty this looks! The jewel is showcased beautifully and you can see the finesse right away. You can find the Chrysta necklace here.

I absolutely love the necklace and I like to wear it with almost anything! The simplicity makes sure that it matches all your outfits without being too much. The quality is amazing and I am glad that I finally found a brand that is timeless and will outlive all the trends.

If you want to see more from Joïkka and get your statement piece of jewelry head over to the website by clicking this link or you can visit the store in Paris where you can enjoy a 'touch and feel' experience.


This post was made in collaboration with Joïkka but all opinions are my own.

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