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Laundry room organization

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The laundry room is always something I struggled with to organize. Recently I bought this setup in IKEA and organized everything. I feel like organizing and a clean house brings so much peace and a clear mind. I just love it!

Unfortunately IKEA doesn't make this range anymore so I looked for some items on AMAZON.COM that are similar to the IKEA materials I used to organize and tidy your laundry room. Here are the links to all the items. To go to the links click on the blue words.

1. shoe rack. I love this, I also have on in the hallway. When I enter the house I like to kick off my shoes and store them immediately in this closed shoe rack.

- closed shoe rack

- Shoe rack with mirror

- 4 Drawer shoe cabinet on sale now!

- My personal favourite

2. Storage containers. These are so helpfull to story litteraly anything! I love to store laundry that still needs to be fold or after ironing and folding before I take everything up stairs. This is an easy way to keep everything neat and organized.

- Woven baskets in all sizes

- Foldable container with lid : so handy!

- Glossy container with lid

3. Drying and organizing racks

Very handy when you have a small amount of laundry that you don't want to put in the dryer. I also use these racks after ironing itmes that wrinkle fast like suit pants or shirts to hang them before I'm taking it upstairs to store.

- Drying racks set

- Simple drying rack

- Laundry rack with laundry basket

4. Handy laundry baskets

- set of 4 laundry baskets

- Double laundry hamper with removable laundry bags

These were my favourite items from Amazon to organize the laundry room. These items can be shipped also to Belgium and The Netherlands. You are just a click away to make your laundry room clutter free!


This article may contain affiliate links but all items linked are my own preference.

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