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Luxury Resort Zakynthos: Atlantica Eleon Grand Resort and spa

If you have read my previous article you already know I stayed for 4 days at Castelli Hotel during my trip to Zakynthos. The other 4 days I enjoyed a luxurious stay at Eleon Grand Resort and spa. A big family oriented luxury resort by the beach in the town of Tragaki. Even though Eleon is delegated by the same family as Castelli Hotel, the vibe and concept is totally different. Keep reading to discover more about this beautiful and luxurious resort for your next holiday on Zakynthos.

The resort is located in Tragaki, a very remote town located on the east side of the Island close by the Tsivili water park (perfect for if you have kids!).

When you enter the driveway of the hotel the first impression is 'wow this place is huge'. Someone of the staff members disinfected our luggage and measured our temperature before we were allowed to enter the hotel. This made a very good impression and made us feel safe right away with a pandemic going on. After filling out a health declaration form and contact tracing document we were told the room would be ready soon.

While waiting we sat down at the outside bar area, overlooking the multiple pools and enjoyed a lovely drink. I decided to walk around for a bit and saw the private beach area by the hotel and the big garden with sunbeds, the snackbar and the kids area with many cool slides. After less then an hour someone of the staff told us the room was ready and this 3 hours prior to the normal check-in time: what an amazing service!

The door of the room had a sticker with 'disinfected' on it to let us know everything was safe and clean. The room was spacious and I was so pleasantly surprised when I found our 'safety kit' for our stay: a package with a facial mask, disinfected bathrobes, towels and alochol gel were laying on our bed. It also contained a folder with safety instructions. Great way of assuring the guests a safe and pleasant stay. I absolutely loved the balcony looking out over the beautiful outside area. The hotel has multiple buildings but our room was located in the main building so we had a beach and pool view.

By the time we got there there was a team of entertainers guiding the guests through their water aerobic workout. Funky beats and a great atmosphere were hyping up the people by the pool area to burn off some calories from the delicious food during their holiday. If you prefer to work out on your own there is also a well equipped gym at the resort. Eleon offers a variaty of entertainment and games during the day and by night you can go enjoy a concert or a performance at the 'olive bar' on the domain. For the kids there is a kids club,a mini disco, water slides and much more.

At the poolbar downstairs it was 'happy hour': fresh smoothies and fruits served by the pool bar: yum!

After all the unpacking and traveling it was time to try out the buffet. We were obligated to wear our masks before entering the restaurant and we were offered plastic gloves at the door to wear at the self-service part of the buffet. Most of the dishes were being served by the staff but the cold salades, bread, yoghurts, dessert was self-service and so this could happen in a safe way while wearing the needed protection. They also measured our temperature before we were allowed to enter the restaurant. Eleon definitely takes their responsibility when it comes to keeping everything COVID-proof.

The food was so delicious and there were so many options! Typical Greek dishes, cold starters, hot starters, so many variants of bread, an extensive dessert buffet,... The flavours were incredible and the service was very good.

Oh man, I knew I was gonna gain some pounds eating all this delicious food! We picked a table outside with a stunning view overlooking the pool and beach.

Eleon Grand Resort and Spa is known for their great spa experience. We were offered a massage, downstairs in the spa area of the resort. There is also an inside pool and hamam but unfortunately due to the pandemic they had to close the area for now. Something that stood out for me was that the therapists are actually trained fysical therapeuts. They studied years at the university to learn about the human body, the muscles and so on. They know what they are doing and have knowledge about the human body, this way they can give you the right treatment. In Belgium for example you can just be a beautician and give massages or do a short course. That is why most of the times when I go to get a massage people just don't know what they are doing and are just 'rubbing your back'. Here in Eleon Billy was my therapeut. He could tell right away what type of problems I had (I suffer from trigger points) and even diagnosed an underlying medical problem. He treated the trigger points and loosened up the muscles in the back and shoulder area. I felt as good as new afterwards. Knowing that they are trained and educated really gives you a safe feeling, especially when you feel so much better afterwards.

Eleon also offers massages by the pool or in the garden area which we also experienced: what an amazing spa experience!

The last night of our stay we were gifted a dinner at the Neromilos restaurant. This restaurant is located by the beach/pool area on the domain of the hotel. The difference between the all inclusive restaurant is that Neromilos is a a la carte restaurant that serves typical Greek dishes in a sophisticated way. Also the view by the beach is just stunning. There are not more than 15 tables which makes it a more private and luxurious experience. We started our dinner with some apetizers and a bottle of pink champagne: so good! For the starters I picked Zucchini balls and my mom had a mushroom 'cappuccino' soup. The main course for me was sea bass and lamb for my mom, both very different but so delicious! If you know me you know I love dessert (actually food in general lol) and I was so happy when the waiter brought us a variaty of Greek desserts so we could try them all! Perfect for someone who's always debating what to pick lol. Fomo on good food is a real thing ;). 

This lovely dinner really was the perfect ending of a perfect stay at Atlantica Eleon Grand Resort. We had an amazing time with relaxation, amazing food and entertainment. We felt completely safe the whole time and were really impressed by how the staff took their responsibility to keep their guests safe.

The resort is perfect for families as well as couples or friends and has everything you need to enjoy your holiday. The location by the beach is just amazing and the poolside is stunning. If you don't know where to stay during your trip to Zakynthos you can't go wrong when booking a stay at Eleon Grand Resort.

For more info you can go to their website or facebook page.


Although my stay was sponsored all opinions are my own.

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