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My favourite self tanner !

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Last week I put fate in your hands by creating a poll on my instagram story showing options A) what is my favourite self tanner and B) how to whiten your teeth, both scoring equaly. The teeth-whitening article will be up soon but first things first: my favourite self tanner! 90% of you voted for a vlog but don't worry, since I was feeling kinda generous with Christmas coming up I decided to also make a blog; yay everyone happy !

My favourite self tanner is Summer revived by Dove. It is a body lotion and comes in two shades: a shade for light skin and a shade for medium to dark skin, this is the one I use. You should go for the shade that is closest to your tanned skin tone. I get tan in summer so I know the best option for me is the darker shade. I love the fact that it's a lotion because you can apply it very equaly and smoothen it out. This means stains can be prevented and that's exactly why I choose this self tanner over any other self tanning product.

When I first started using self tanner I honestly didn't know what to get: a spray? Lotion? Oil? Neither did I know how to apply it on hands and feet, how to prevent stains etc. Then I discovered this product from Dove. I don't think it can get easier than this. I litteraly just rub the lotion on my body, make circle movements on the target area until my skin absorbes all the lotion and make sure I smoothen the product out. That is all I do! The benefit of it being a lotion is that I don't have to hydrate my knees and elbows before I use it, and trust me I have a veeeeery dry skin so this saves me a lot of work.

Another great thing is that the result is super natural, no orange tanner but a beautiful 'summer revived' look. And the smell oohhhhh, just love it!

Most of the time I apply the product right before bed so I have a nice tan when I wake up. Even after going to bed right after I used it, no stains or smudges are showing. Also it doesn't right come off after showering which is awesome.


- Cheap (aprox 8 euro's in Kruidvat)

- Smells good

- Easy to use

- No stains or smudges

- Natural tan, no orange colouring

- No need for wands

- Hydrates the skin

- Stays longer than other self tanners


- Don't forget to wash your hands after usage !

- Takes long to rub in all over your body

If you are interested in the VLOG about my favourite self tanner you can check it out below.

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