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My must haves for curly hair

I love my curly hair but let's be honest, it can be so annoying to style or take care of! It's hard to brush, your hair is not curling the 'right way', it's too frizy,.. Also curly hair is most of the time drier than other hair. It's so important to take good care of your curls and to make them pop to the max. That's why I'm letting you in on my must have products to style my curls.

1. It all starts with great shampoo/conditioner

Not every conditioner does the work for me and some shampoos make my hair even more dry than it already is... Conditioner needs to really smoothen my hair. I like the ones from Andrélon a lot cause they take all my frizz away. They have a section specially for curly girls.

2. Leave in conditioner

Most of the time I go for a leave in version because this works better for me. It makes my hair easier to style, softens it more and just gives me a better look. The one that I absolutely love love love is the Cantu shea butter one from Kruidvat. This conditioner makes my hair so soft !! It's a little over 8 euros but it's so worth it.

3. Oil/serum

Oil and serum are also one of the things I can't skip. There are a lot of serums but in my opinion most of them just 'lay' on top of your hair instead of really entering the hair and giving it the nutrition it needs. The thing that does work for me really well is argan oil in the purest form. Also argan oil mixed with another kind of oil works good and restores my hair. Try to get the oil as concentrated as possible, I always get it from the 'afro hair section' in the store.

4. Perfect Curl Cream

This product right here is my saviour! My holy grail, the peanut to my butter, the cherry to my pie ! When nothing works, THIS product works and gives me the nicest, most defined curls ever. No frizz, just bouncy curls. The curly cream is also from the Andrélon section but hard to find in Belgium. I buy it online or in The Netherlands.

5. Hair mousse

I like to use hair mousse after I use all my other products to make my curls more defined. I don't really prefer any brand, I tried so many mousses already and they all kind of work for me and do what they have to do!

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