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Naana Croffie: an exclusive boutique in Antwerp

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Recently I found out about this new boutique in Antwerp, Naana Croffie with the most exclusive items that you can't find anywhere else. The style reminds me of instagram boutiques but the qualtiy is even better. The items are exotic, sophisticated and most of the time the fabric is body shaping. This boutique has everything to become the new Fashion Nova and let me tell you why.

1. Store location and accessibility

I think this is more important than people think. If a store is difficult to find it won't work. Also it needs to stand out from all the other brands out there and Naana knows what she is doing. The store is located at Frankrijklei 2 in Antwerp. For those who are familiar with the city you know it is right at the busstation. I love the location since it is easy to get there, only 5 minutes walking distance from the train station. Also the busstation is right there which is perfect. Everyone coming off the bus or waiting can see the store from where they are. I love how it stands out since there aren't a lot of other shops around. Naana also knows how to make a statement with her showcase. You just can't miss it! Besides that there is also an online webshop which is an absolute must. Go take a look at !

2. The store itself

I love how the inside looks. You don't get overwhelmed by a massive amount of stuff. Everything is just nicely organized by colour.

Some displays in between the clothing to showcase jewelry, clutches and my favorite : the shoe wall ! Also I like the big mirror to check your outfits outside the fitting room. Peep the logo on top of the mirror. I think it looks so sophisticated ! The mannequin dressed in a nice outfit gives an extra stylish look to the store. The fitting rooms are in the back of the store which I like, all provided with a mirror. Also, I definitely love the velvet accessories and carpet to keep your feet warm when you try out some shoes, or to let the guys sit when we try on our outfits ;).

The store has everything you need for a relaxing shopping experience. I don't like massive stores with massive clutter and tons of items you don't even know where to start. Here everything is nicely organized and just the right amount of treasures to find in the racks!

Shoe wall - plexi shoes

3. The clothing

My first impression was like: oh they have nice stuff! But when I actually started to look around and grab some stuff out the racks I was like OMG I neeeed to have this and this and that! So many nice stuff. The fabric is very good quality. Very thick and body sculpting most of the time. You cannot compare this to any instagram boutique, no loose threads, double layered and nice fitting form.

Body con dress by Naana Croffie
Naana: "Naana Croffie was founded by Stella Naana Croffie, a beauty therapist and fashion expect. The name was re branded from Coccochic collections to Naana Croffie. The brand strives to provide the customer with a luxurious look on a low budget. Naana Croffie has been worn by different celebrities like Jackie Appiah, Amanda Balk, Moesha Boduong and many more. Each design is a reflection of Naana's personal style."

4. Shopping experience

I absolutely loved picking out some outfits at the store and trying them on. Also, Naana is a very sweet helpful lady. Whenever you need assistance she will help you with anything needed. I like how the clutches, jewelry and shoes are on different displays. When you find an outfit it is very easy to see what accessories match or what pair of shoes to pick. I love this far more then the shoe boxes in other stores where you have to dig up your size. You just ask your size and Naana helps you. I love the little velvet chairs to put on my shoes. I felt super confortable and relaxed after a day of shopping at Naana Croffie.

Body Suit by Naana Croffie

Disclaimer This post was made in collaboration with Naana Croffie but as always all opinions are my own. Want to see more? Head over to @naanacroffie or to the website !

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