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Shanghai Mansion: where Chinatown meets relaxation

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Shanghai Mansion is located in one of the busiest parts of Bangkok: Chinatown. It's like the streets never sleep here and traffic never stops. Although Shanghai Mansion is located in the heart of Chinatown, as soon as you enter the hotel you forget about the rush outside. You get an instant feeling of relaxation and peace, just the perfect place to stay while in Bangkok!


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The room

Bangkok was my first stop during my blogger trip through Thailand. After traveling over 18h I was more than happy to finally arrive at ShanghaI Mansion. If you don't pay close attention you can easily miss the place. The hotel has a restaurant/bar area which is the first thing you see. It's when you cross the little bridge by the entrance and walk through the door that you will find the reception. The staff was so friendly and helpfull. After checking in I was escorted to my room. I loved all the details and the Chinese theme of the hotel, even the doors of the room reminded me of the movie 'Memoires of a Geisha' as well as the accessoiries in the room. Besides a shower there was a big bath tub in the middle of the room which gave me an instant luxury feeling. Also, perfect for content creation of course!

The spa

It came as a surprise when the reception called me down to inform me about the complimentary activities they had planned. A massage, a walking tour and a high tea afternoon. The fact that they offer these things to all their guests is really a big plus and shows the great service Shanghai Mansion offers. I was so exited about this and booked the massage that same night.

It was a Thai massage that I got and exactly what I needed after a long flight! My muscles were relaxed and my backpain gone. The oil and scentes that were used during the massage made me not only relaxed but also sleepy so after getting back to the room and curling up in the big and comfortable bed I fell asleep right away.


Breakfast was served on our floor. Waking up to the smell of fresh food was just the best thing ever! There were low tables and comfortable couches to lounge while drinking your coffee, small tables by the window and armchairs and the buffet was looking good. The waiter brought coffee and tea and handed a menu. Eggs were being served a la carte with plenty of options going from scrambled eggs to eggs Benedicte.

Complementary experiences

After breakfast we went for the walking tour through Chinatown. Our guide took us to the temple of the golden Buddha. We had to take our shoes off to admire the Buddha made of solid gold and our guide spend some time talking about the history of the temple. Next up was a chinese temple with its' typical architecture and statues of Chinese Gods. Inside there were a handfull of people praying. We looked around the and moved on to the market. People were selling all kinds of stuff, raw meat, even pork heads, typical chinese spices, premade dishes but also fabrics, shoes etc were being sold at the market. We passed by some food places and some jewelry stores where you can buy all kinds of things made of gold. After a good hour or more the tour was finished and we headed back to the hotel where it was almost time for some high tea!

Click image to see exact location on Google maps for the Golden Buddha Temple

The high tea was held at the bar/restaurant area of the hotel. I picked a table next to the pond. They served us two types of tea and a mix of hot snacks. So delicious and a great afternoon experience!

Shanghai Mansion also offers free tuktuk services to a handfull of locations in Bangkok. You can visit the Grand palace, the shopping mall and some other places with this service. I used the tuktuk service to get to the Grand Palace. There are multiple temples close by the palace that you can visit. Wat Poh and and the temple of the Emerald Buddha are right around the corner.

Shanghai Mansion stands for value for money. In my opinion it is the perfect place to stay while visiting Bangkok. The location is great, right in the busy center of Chinatown. The staff is beyond helpfull and friendly. The hotel offers multiple complementary activities and a free tuktuk service! Luxury combined with relaxation is what this hotel is all about. I absolutely loved my stay and would highly recommend Shanghai Mansion.

If you would like to book your stay or gather more information you can visit their website or check out their instagram here.

For the link click here.


This post has been made in collaboration with Shanghai Mansion but everything stated is my own opinion.

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