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Sukkho Samui Estates on Koh Samui: the experience

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Visiting the magical island of Koh Samui was high on my bucket list. Visiting the island while staying at a magical place even more. Sukkho Samui offers the right balance between luxury, stunning views and a modern design. Let me tell you why this is the perfect place to stay while visiting the island.

The villa

After arriving at the small airport of Koh Samui our driver was waiting for us to bring us to the property. A short 30 min drive through the island exposed its' beautiful nature and peaceful ambience. The villas are located on a hill in a very quiet area, a side street of the main road that goes all the way up. The drive there might be challenging but so worth it once you get to see the view. Sukkho offers currently 4 villas that look identical but each one with its' authentic name. We were staying at villa Veasna, a 3-bedroom villa of 245m². When you enter the villa the first thing that catches your eye is the outdoor inifitiy pool overviewing Chaweng Bay and Coral Cove.

Click image to see the exact location on Google maps

I loved how the whole kitchen and living room were so luminous and connected to the exterior by glass windows that could be opened and slided to the side of the room.

Walking down the stairs to the lower floor will take you to 2 bedrooms with each their own bedroom. Both of them have big glass windows and a sliding door leading to the a big balcony to enjoy the beautiful view.

The upper floor is where the suite is located. I loved the glass wall between the bathroom and bedroom. The shower with its' glass roof was definitely my favourite thing in that room. Showering with sunlight on your face in the morning is the best thing ever and made you feel as if you were taking an outdoor shower. The master bedroom also had a spacious balcony with a glass railing. The view here was even better than on the other floors, overlooking the endless blue ocean: perfect to wake up like this!

The best part about Sukkho Samui is not just staying at this beautiful place with a stunning view but Sukkho also offers tours and experiences that you can book to discover Koh Samui and learn more about the island and the surrounding islands as well. I think this is a unique concept which makes Sukkho stand out from other properties. Trust me, you will not be bored! During my stay I was lucky enough to experience three tours.

Island hopping tour

The first tour was an island hopping tour. We drove to the south of the island where a Thai fishing boat was waiting for us. Koh Samui is part of the Samui archipelago which includes 5 other islands as well. The islands are smaller than Samui and easy to reach by boat. I absolutely loved the bright colours of the fishing boat and the beautiful nature surrounding us.

At some point the boat was stopped in open sea to enjoy some time in the crystal blue water. Surrounded by tons of fish we started to jump in the water to cool down a little. I wanted to snorkle for a while but the fish were nibbeling at our bodies so we decided to get out of the water and continue our journey.

We touched land at Koh Madsum. There was one little bar/restaurant where some people were relaxing or having lunch but besides that all you could see was the blue ocean and pearly white sand. Miles and miles of deserted paradise all for ourselves; what a dream! I decided to play around with the drone for a bit and get some shots of this piece of paradise. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life!

After relaxing in the sun and swimming around we discovered that there were pigs on the beach! We started to belly-rub them and they ended up following us back to the water. Who says this is only possible at The Bahamas?! What an amazing experience!

Next on the list was the even more deserted island Koh Tan. There was litteraly one cute little restaurant by the pier and nothing else. They set up the table by the pier overlooking the island and the sea. There was only one table meaning we were the only ones on the island! So magical! The cook brought us fresh fish, crispy chicken some rice and delicious vegetables. The food was just amazing! So fresh and real Thai cuisine. After lunch our guide wanted to show us some places on this small island. We hiked for a while and stopped at a big, dark cave. This was a cave where bats were living and flying around. I had never seen so many bats in one place! Some were hanging upside down, others were flying around. Very big ones and even little ones were resting in the cave, waiting for the night to fall so they could fly out and go look for food.

Our walk continued to the mangroves. A small path was made throughout the mangrove. You could see spiders, scorpions and other animals crawling around in the mangroves. It felt like a walking into a horror movie forrest, the ambience was dark and misterious. At the end of the trail a tractor was waiting for us to pick us up so we didin't have to walk all the way back. A bumpy but fun ride back to the boat and the perfect ending of the day.

Koh Samui tour

The second tour was a tour around Koh Samui to discover some hidden gems. I was so excited to see more of the beautiful island! We started off at the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rock formations on the south coast of Samui, at the end of Lamai Beach. This place is a nice view point but a little bit touristy for my taste.

Next we were heading to the red temple where our guide showed us the beautiful architecture inside of the temple.

After the red temple we went to a very special temple where all the monks that helped building it were honoured with a statue inside of the temple. This is a very rare phenomen and the only temple on Koh Samui where the makers are being honoured. The whole inside of the temple was a mix of big and smaller statues, each representing a monk. We visited several more authentic temples but the next place was my absolute favourite one: The Overlap Stone. A true wonder of nature and the best view point of the whole island! It's technically one big stone on another one at one of the highest points of the island. Driving up the road leading to the stone is even a challange for experienced drivers but so worth it! I have to admit while sitting there on that stone, letting my drone up, my heart was racing and I was slightly scared to fall down but I pulled myself together and got some amazing shots and videos of the view.

Our final stop and lunch spot was another magical place. We had to drive up some hills to get there but once again it was so worth it. The food was delicious, a variety of curries, chicken, prawns and veggies were served. It was so yum! Oh God, I love Thai cuisine! The restaurant had an infinity pool with stunning views. I decided to rest for a while, swim and of course fly my drone by the pool and get some shots of the amazing view.

Private chef and local market

Our third and last excursion was a unique experience. Our private chef, Bong, picked us up to go to the local market and get all the fresh ingredients for our brunch which she was going to cook for us later. I loved strolling around at the market and learning so much about the Thai cuisine. Fresh fruits, veggies, meat and fish (we even saw sharks!) were being sold. We saw people buying things as turtles, fresh crab, spices to make curry and juices in plastic bags. We tried one of those juices ourselves, one that was made of beans and the other one was made of flowers.

I love trying out local things! Bong picked up all she needed for our brunch and started cooking right away after we arrived at the villa. She cooked so many dishes from salmon to Pad Tai and curries. I watched her while cutting up the ingredients and adding the spices. The food was smelling amazing. After the cooking all the food was placed on our floating tray. We popped some champagne and enjoyed our afternoon at the villa.

These three tours were just some of the things Sukkho Samui offers. They offer many more experiences such as a massage at the villa, a day of dolphin spotting a yoga session at the villa etc. I think this is what makes Sukkho so special, it's not just a luxurious stay or the stunning location but they offer a total package of a full Samui experience.

If you are looking for a luxury stay on the island of Koh Samui and you want to experience as many things as possible then I highly recommend booking your stay at Sukkho Samui. The villa's are amazing and remote and the experiences that Sukkho offers you are authentic and real. Head over to their website for more information or to make a booking. If you prefere to book with you can click this link here.


This post has been made in collaboration with Sukkho Samui but all opinions are my own as always.

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