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Sunday brunch at Dream Beach Club Phuket

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Food, cocktails and beach clubs are a few of my favourite things to enjoy when I travel. Combine these three together and you have all the ingerdients for a wonderfull day at Dream Beach Club in Phuket. The sunday brunch event is an authentic concept that tops any regular beach club party and was one of my most memorable beach club visits of all times.

Tropical beats and the warm air while walking up to the club set the mood right away. When you enter Dream you walk into the restaurant area with a buffet longer than the Chinese wall. I litteraly was shocked to see so much food all together. The variety was enormous. In the center fo the restaurant you could find cold dishes such as pasta salads, small shanwiches, mixtures of veggies,.. while on the other side of the restaurant the warm dishes were lined up going from pasta and pizza to freshly cooked and cut meat. Different types of fish and vegetables leading into the sushi counter and a block of melting cheese at the end of the buffet were just some of the highlights. On the other side of the restaurant there was the bar and the Bloody Mary station where you could try your bartender skills and serve yourself a drink. On the opposite side of the bar you could find the desert station with a bunch of delicious treats. Waffles, icecream and all sorts of cakes were just some of the options to fill up your dessert stomach ;).

Outside there was a grill area where you could pick your meat or seafruits to be grilled. The options were endless.

After enjoying 3 plates and dessert (oops, piggie alert) we moved to the poolside area. A variety of sunbeds were lined up by the pool and I picked a comfortable VIP Cabana. By this time the dj was playing funky beats and 2 gogo dancers made their entrance.

I decided to go grab another drink by the bar and it was when I walked back to our Cabana that I noticed there was a path leading to the beach. Dream Beach Club is located at Layan beach, a stunning place that can be entered also when visiting the club. No one was even on the beach, we had the whole thing for ourselves! Chrystal blue water and stunning views, just perfect!

After enjoying ourselves by running up and down the sand I decided to get some more food (duh!) since the buffet stayed open until 4 pm. Perfect for an afternoon snack. The dancers changed their outfits a couple times by now and the party vibe was on ! The cabana was the perfect setting to shoot some cute pics and to spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun.

I absolutely loved the sunday brunch event. The food was amazing, the vibes were great and the location was stunning! I have spend the whole day relaxing at Dream and didn't even want to leave at the end. I would highly recommend this place in general and if you would like to enjoy a beach club that offers you a different type of experience, like the Sunday Brunch, then Dream is your place to go! If you want to book your sunday brunch head over to this link.

Click image to see the google Maps location


This post was made in collaboration with Dream Beach Club but all opinions are my own.

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