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The beauty of No Skincare.

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

No. is a new skincare brand born in Belgium, Antwerp. I fell in love with No. skincare from the moment I found out about their philosophy. I have been looking for a long time for skincare products with pure ingredients without all the unnecessary chemicals. I believe that nature provides us with so many products that are good for our face, our body, our hair. Think about argan oil which I love for my hair or castor oil to make your lashes thicker. Many brands claim they have products based on pure ingredients but the truth is they only contain a little amount of it. The rest are chemicals that are actually not good for us, silicone, parabens etc. No. offers pure skin- and body care products with organic components and only the essentials.

1. What makes No. so special? No. is a straightforward skincare brand that guarantees one thing: There wont be anything nonessential in the products. Every ingredient is organic or wildcrafted, food-grade, sustainably sourced and cruelty-free. They also handcraft the products in small batches at their lab in Antwerp, Belgium. Now how cute is that? No mass production but special care for each bottle. No. only believes in the power of nature and will only make sure the ingredients are pronounceable which means no weird chemicals.

2. Where does the name 'No' come from? is a prefix in Farsi (the official language of Iran, Afganistan and Tadzjikistan) and implies absence or negation. Arya, the founder of No. has Persian roots. I love how original this name is, the name itself stands for absence of the unnecessary and simplicity.

Also their packaging is simple and minimalistic. Not extra, not the most spectacular design but pure just like the products they offer. Everything about No. is just so perfect and well orchestrated. It is a brand with a mind, a thoughtful creation. Not just out there to make money but more to make a difference! 3. The brand is transparant Honestly I have never seen a brand as transparant with their customers as No. The project of No. is still in progress since it a new brand and they are aware of their limits and the mistakes they make. Even more, they share their mistakes with you and me. On their instagram page @thebeautyofno they share the journy of No., the growth, the setback and the improvements. This is just one more thing that makes this brand different from the others.

4. Facial care Currently No. provides products for facial care and body care. They have various products but I will let you in on the products that I tested.

- cleansing oil with key ingredients hazelnut oil and a blend of essential oils like sesame oil and castor. Honestly I have such a dry skin and I love using this cleansing oil to take off my make-up. It takes the make-up off easily and I can feel my skin being nourished with the right stuff. And the smell, it just smells so real, no artificial smell just the beauty of No.

- regenerative facial serum with immortelle. This helps to fade scars and heal stretch marks, I know awesome right? Roseship seed oil CO2 known for it's regenerative character. Avocado oil to hydrate your skin and many more. I love to apply the serum in the morning, it hydrates my skin and makes me look fresh and provides my skin with a healthy glow. I love how little product you need from this serum and of course, the pureness ! My skin feels brand new when I apply this. I recently also started using it on my stretchmarks.

5. Body care

- Hydrating body oil with Ylang ylang. This is considered an effective antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and sedative. It has a positive effect on immune health, blood flow and emotions. It also contains roseship oil which makes the skin healthy. Also virgin avocado oil, jojoba oil etc. are components of this wonderful body oil. The fact that my skin absorbs it immediately shows how effective it is. A lot of body lotions just lay on top of your skin instead of penetrating it. It makes you sticky, sweaty and greasy. This body oil soaks in the skin right away. My skin feels super smooth, I don't feel sticky at all. This is my favorite product. Also the smell is just fantastic and it hydrates my skin better than any other lotion I ever tried.

- night bloom bath salt with dead sea salt hand harvested and sundried. Also pink himalayan salt richt of minerals. It detoxifies and revitalizes. To top it off this beautiful jar comtains jasmin. It smells better than any other chemic bathsalt. You can feel the pureness and I just love how pretty it looks.

I think I made it clear that I love No. and I fully support their vision. Sometimes less is more and No. proves that you only need the essential to take care of your body. No nonsens no animal testing no bullshit.

If you want to know more about No. go visit their website My discount code is shallie and with every purchase of 75 euros or more you receive a cute diamond, yes a real one as part of their loyalty program. You can save them up and trade them for a bigger rock. Another reason why I love No.

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