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The best beach club in Ibiza: Babylon Beach

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

When you are planning to travel to Ibiza I am pretty sure you have googled things such as 'what is the best beach club' or 'beach clubs in Ibiza'. I'm going to tell you about, in my opinion, the best beach club on the island. Nikki Beach, move over cause here is Babylon Beach club. A true gem that is not too big and not too busy, a place to chill, located at the beautiful beach of Sa Caleta.

The moment we arrived at Babylon Beach I could feel the chill vibes right away. I loved the wooden tables, chairs and sunbeds combined with beautiful blue accents. Also the concept store next to the bar was so lovely with plenty of nice items to buy. The cane-ish parasols and sunbeds pointed towards the beautiful beach of Sa Caleta which made me so happy we didn't pick a beach club with a pool. The perfect recipe for a beach day.

After picking our spot and installing ourselves at the comfortable chairs I got ready for the content creation. I unpacked Tinkerbell (my drone) and flew over the clear blue water to get some shots. My friend and I positinioned ourselves to get some shots with the timer on of us sitting on the beds with the beautiful setting and beach surrounding us.

After a minute or 5 of shooting with the drone the worst nightmare of every drone pilot happened: my drone fell out the sky into the water. I started to panic and checked my phone. The signal was fine, I was flying with enough satellites, no errors occured... I honestly didn't know what to do because all the materials for other clients were on my drone as well. My first reaction was: I have to go find it!

I ran down the stairs by the beach club leading into the water, put on the water sandalls they had stalled out for the clients (amazing !) and started to swim like crazy. My friend also jumped into the water and helped me look for it. After one hour of nothing but frustration, Truman, our waiter for the day had a good idea. He went to the lifeguard and explained the situation. He told her the spot where he saw the drone go down and ensured me that she would find it. After examinating the water from the side she got into the water trying to find Tinkerbell.

She found the drone hidden in the long seagrass. Thank God Babylon Beach was so nice to send out someone of their team to find it back because otherwise I would have never found it.

The battery was burnt, probably got overheated and fell into the water. Truman helped me rinse off the drone with normal water, since salty water really damages electronics and he even looked up a place where I could have the drone fixed or where I could buy a new one. Luckily my SD-card was intact and I still had all the materials that I shot for my other clients.

At this point I had 2 options: be sad and waste the day at this beautiful place or get myself together and try to make the best out of it. Thanks to the support of the staff and lifeguard I already felt better so I picked option two and decided it was time for a drink. Truman surprised us with some delicious cocktails and the view made up for all the tears I had cried earlier.

All the swimming and stressing made me hungry so we ordered some things off the menu. For starters we picked calamares and prawns. I am not a huge fan of seafood, only when it comes super super fresh. I think a lot of places don't know how to cook good seafood so I was a little bit nervous about the prawns but since we were on an island that serves a lot of fish I thought I should give it a go.

Oh boy, these prawns and calamares where the best I had ever tasted in my life! You could taste that these dishes were cooked fresh and the sauces that came with it complimented the food so well. No frozen bs here: real and good food!

For our main we picked the chicken kebap and a crispy chicken burger, and more cocktails of course! The chicken burger was so yummy and cripsy while the chicken kebap was super juicy. The food was just delicious and the setting was just amazing. Our bellies were about to explode so laying down and enjoying the sun was the perfect thing to do.

Babylon Beach made even my worst vacation experience into a relaxing beach day with good food and great vibes. I am so thankfull for their assistance and great service. After all I was also there to work, and I felt like they cared more about my well-being than about getting the job done (which isn't always the case trust me!). I would highly recommend this place, not only for their friendly and professional staff but also if you want to eat some good food at a beautiful place or just enjoy Sa Caleta. The fact that they provide water shoes for the costumers is a big plus: you don't have to worry about hurting yourself in the water or worry that you forgot about yours.

The views and delicious dishes combined with the relaxing scenery makes this the perfect spot to enjoy your day at the beach. No commercial bs but real people, real food, real vibes is what I experienced at Babylon Beach club.

For more info you can visit the website of Babylon Beach or head over to their instagram @babylonbeach.


This post was in collaboration with Babylon Beach but all opinions are my own.

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