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Trip to Reims aka Champagne weekend !

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Last month I surprised my mom with a family trip to Reims. Reims is located in France, in the part where Champagne is made, yum ! This was the perfect autumn/winter activity since you get to stay inside during all the champagne tastings and besides that who doesn't like champagne?!

Everyone knows that I love to go away once in a while on a trip. This time I picked Reims and planned everthing for this family-Qtime-event. I booked my stay with Weekendesk. If you didn't know about Weekendesk yet you can thank me later! This website has plenty of affordable deals and packages with beneficial extra's for your trip. (Only for people located in the Netherlands or Belgium, sorry !) We stayed at the Qualy Reims hotel, not bad, nothing special either. The interesting part was that in the package that I booked a tour and champagne tasting were included for the 'Dom Caudron' cellars.

We spent half a day at Dom Caudron, the tour was private and the lady was very friendly, answering all our questions. We learned about the whole process of making and preserving wine and champagne but the BEST part was we got to taste 5 different champagnes ! In the bigger champagne houses like 'Pommery' you only get one glass, with a max of 2 so this was absolutely fantastic!

Dom Caudron is located in the village: 'Passy-Grigny' super close to Reims, a car or taxi would be recommended to travel there.

Besides sipping champagne there are also some cultural activities like visiting the cathedral or castle.


- I would recommend a stay of maximum 3 full days since the city is not super big.

- Champagne houses worth visiting: Pommery (Pommery has a very beautiful domain worth seeing), Veuve-Cliquot, GH Martel (cheap tasting!).

- To eat out 'Rue du Temple' is a nice area with plent of restaurants and bars. If you want to eat out there try to make a reservation! Ask the hotel to call if you don't speak French or your phone can't call in France. The first night we only could get into ONE restaurant, the rest was fully booked. Also located at 'Rue du Temple' was this super cosy bar : 'les clos' where you can buy ANY bottle of champagne possible and of course pop one yourself.

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