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VALVERT: 100% recyclable bottles from recycled plastic

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I know, this is not a typical topic you would expect me to talk about but after coming across an advert from Valvert promoting their eco friendly bottles I started to think. I do agree that we use way too much plastic but I also think a lot of companies don't really come with a good alternative (who on earth likes to drink with carton straws?!). When I found out about this great Valvert-campaign I knew this was something I wanted to bring attention to and I really think this is a big step forward when it comes to recycling.

Valvert, one of the biggest companies selling botteled mineral water, created the rPET water bottles or recycled plastics. The bottles are made completely out of old plastic.

How are the bottles produced?

All our old plastic bottles and other plastic materials such as cups, dispensors, cans are being collected and sorted by a company named FostPlus. After all the materials are collected the plastics are being dumped in a machine that will crush the plastic into recycled plastic pellets = rPET. Than these pellets of plastic are being transported to one of the Valvert fabrics. The pellets of recycled plastics are now being used to make new bottles. Now this bottle will be filled up with water and go to the stores. The beauty about this is that when we throw away the rPET bottles from Valvert these bottles can be used again to make new ones. You see the cycle here?

Currently 100% rPET bottle of 150cl are on the market as well as 50% rPET bottle of 50cl. The goal is to have the 50cl bottle also made entirely of rPET by the end of 2019.

If you want to learn more about the rPET bottle production you can watch this video.

I think this is a big step forward when it comes to recycling and innovation. There have been many press articles released about this concept and in my opinion this is how we all can make a step into the right direction and for the consumer the effort will be minimal. Why buy a real plastic bottle if you can buy a recycled one?

“We believe the new Valvert 100 per cent rPET bottle is a gamechanger in the next generation of sustainable packaging, stimulating a bottle-to-bottle circular economy,” said Emmanuel Gruffat, general manager of Nestlé Waters Benelux.

Nestlé, who owns Valvert said they really want to take responsibility for the plastic consumation. This company doesn't just talk about it but they actually came up with a plan and a solution!

I support this project completely and I think everyone should be more aware of the plastic we use. Buying a Valvert rPET bottle instead bottles from other companies is such a small effort but can make a big difference for our environment!

For more info head over to the Valvert website.


This post was in collaboration with Valvert but I fully support this project.

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