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Villa Mistral: A hidden Gem in Bali

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Villa Mistral located in the area of Canggu was one of the most impressive stays I had during my blogger trip through Bali. When we entered the villa our jaws dropped. Two maids were waiting for us at the villa to take care of the luggage and welcome us with a refreshing ginger drink. Luxury at its finest, that is Villa Mistral.

Our first impression of the villa was a jaw-dropping wow. The white couch and pool/ jacuzzi at the center of the property are the first things that catch your eye. The whole livingroom/kitchen area is open and connected which gives you a feeling of space and freedom, love it! And oh, wait, is that a gardener taking care of the garden ?! Jup. We have a personal gardener and also our pool was being checked and cleaned. Awesome!

The jacuzzi/pool area is definitely my favorite part of the villa. A flatscreen tv is positioned so that you can watch tv from the couch or from the jacuzzi, so extra!

The poolside has a big lounge bed with enough space for 3 of 4 people and also has seperate sun tanning chairs.

The villa has 3 bedrooms, one even more gorgeous than the other one, with each their own bathroom.

My friend said: 'We are going to need walkie talkies to communicate here.'

The first bedroom had a more simple look but the nicest bathroom in my opinion! I LOVED the bluestone shower and the shape of it. The big mirror in the bathroom is just awesome. Each room and bathroom had signature soap, shampoo and towels: so cute.

The second bedroom was seperated from outside by a sliding door. The details such as the big vase, pillows and lamps were amazing. Here we slept for 2 nights, the bed was so comfortable ! This bathroom was also phenomenal with 2 showers, again in bluestone material and on each side a mirror and sink and a toilet.

The third bedroom was very clear and white, also with pool views. The big frame behind the bed made it look so luxurious. And again, a spacious and beautiful bathroom.

The villa offers the option to call in a chef who cooks dinner for you. We really wanted to feel spoiled and decided to have dinner at the villa. They cooked us some typical indonesian food like peanutsauce and chicken saté. Yum!

Breakfast was a little bit different than normal. No Bali without floating breakfast so Villa Mistral made this happen for us! Croissants, eggs, fresh orange juice, fruits.. Perfect!

In reality we created content for like 1 hour before we actually got to enjoy the breakfast so most of the things were already cold lol. Oh well, we got some cute pictures at least!

The villa is located in a small village a little further away from the city. By taxi it would take you 20-30 minutes to reach Canggu. This makes the villa really a hidden gem in between the fields and locals in Bali.

After two nights our luxurious stay was unfortunately over. We had the best time at Villa Mistral and enjoyed every moment of it.

If you would like to book your stay in this dream villa you can head over to


link on Airbnb or if you prefer you can click on



Disclaimer This post has been made in collaboration with Villa Mistral although my opinions are my own.

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