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Villa Nagasutra: your dream getaway in Bali

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Villa Nagasutra was my last accommodation to work with during my blogger trip in Bali. When you think you have seen it all you arrive at this dream villa and you just get blown away by the luxury and stunning views. Located on a beach cliff in the Nusa Dua area, this 7-bedroom villa has everything you need for your dream getaway in Bali.

Villa Nagasutra booked a driver for us that picked us up at our previous location in Sanur. (I feel so spoiled!) The driver was waiting for us in the lobby of Maison Aurelia (read the article about where to stay in Sanur: Maison Aurelia here) with a sign saying 'influencer Shallie'. It was then when I realized : holy sh*t ! This is really happening, my dreams really came true.

Being called an 'influencer' still is so weird to me and when people ask 'oh so you are an influencer?' I don't really know how to answer that question because... will they even take me serious after I say yes ?

After a while we arrived at Villa Nagasutra in Nusa Dua. Our luggage was taken care of and the maids were waiting for us at the entrance. The garden in the front of the villa was already looking so beautiful: ponds with fish, a cute little table with chairs and the relaxing sound of water that was running down the wall.

After one of the staff members showed us around we took a moment to sit down by the lounge area looking over the ocean and we just started to cry. Tears from happiness running down our face because we were SO overwhelmed by the beauty of this property.

The livingroom and dining area were huge. The table had room for 15 people which makes this villa perfect to plan a holiday with a big family. I loved the details such as the books that were available for the ones who like to read. The artworks were stunning and made the whole room look very fancy.

The villa has 7 bedrooms, all decorated and designed in the same style. The master bedroom, a couple of queen rooms and a twin room. They all were so beautiful and equipped with a tv, a whole dressing for all your stuff , fresh water, coffee, tea etc.

The master bathroom was just crazy beautiful. There was an enormous bathtub and 2 toilets lol. Relationship goals: using the toilet together. The bathroom, just like all the others had an amazing outlook on the pond and koi fish. Some of them had a water stream and tropical plants. I swear, these toilet views were even better than my garden views at home, crazy!

Oh, just a little detail: there was a whole gym available in the villa with cardio machines, dumbells, a tv and 3 toilets. Just in case you don't want to miss the gym while being on holiday.

My favorite part of the villa: the poolside! The outside area gave me a beach-club vibe with enough space to lounge for a whole football team, tanning beds around the pool and also a sundeck with seperate tanning beds. The infinity pool was amazing and the water streams next to the pool were just so relaxing to listen to. While we were swimming we got to enjoy the most beautiful views ever.

The outside area also had a very big jacuzzi, a poolbar and table to eat outside. A seperate corner with glass walls and comfortable lounge seats made this place the perfect spot to enjoy the view of the ocean. We definitely spend some good amount of time sitting there and listening to the waves, watching the sunset and staring into the deep blue ocean.

The service at the villa was amazing. They cooked us lunch, dinner, breakfast. We ordered pancakes for dinner the other day but they didn't have the ingredients for the pancakes that night so they surprised us with another desert AND they made us a pancake tower for breakfast the next day: so sweet! In the evening they made the bed ready to lay in and put our robes on our bed with a cute goodnight note and some chocolates.

It really hurt my heart that we had to leave this dream destination after one night already. I can tell you that we absolutely enjoyed every minute of it and that it felt unreal to stay in a place this stunning. I litteraly was blown away. Someone pinch me please?!

I really don't want to part with Bali, but if we really have to then this is the perfect way to do so. Staying our last night at Villa Nagasutra has been the perfect way to end this workation: with a climax.

I think it is safe to say we saved the best for last!

If you want to book your dream getaway at Villa Nagasutra click this link.


This post was made in collaboration with Villa Nagasutra but everything stated in this article is my own opinion.

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