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VINTENSE ICE: 100% fun, 0% alcohol!

It's summer and that means: gathering with friends for drinks and food ! Only the drinks you would have to pass on because well, you are driving and trying to be responsible. I know.. it sucks and definitely can be a mood breaker when all the girls are sipping their excotic-looking glasses while you just sit there with well, water. Thank God Vintense came up with three delicious summer drinks without alochol. That means: 100% fun, 0% alcohol.

Why I love the concept

As an influencer/model I try to watch my food intake and try to live healthy most of the time. (Well recently I have been failing more than succeeding BUT I'm getting back on track, pinky swear). When I was younger I used to drink way too much alcohol. I was hungover every weekend, didn't feel fit or healthy anymore and slept untill late in the afternoon. I decided that I had to stop drinking or reduce my alcohol intake to the absolute minimum to become healthy again.

Untill now I don't drink very often and if I do it's never more than 2 drinks.

Especially now in summer when everyone wants to go grab cocktails and go to nice beach bars I feel like it is so much harder to cut alcohol out of my diet. All these unnecessary calories really make a difference in the end, trust me!

That's why I LOVE the concept of Vintense ICE: three of my favourite cocktails, ready to drink, without alochol!

The flavours

Vintense ICE created three unique alochol-free drinks that can't be missed this summer: Hugo, Bellini and Spritz. A perfect combo of fruits, herbs and spices is what makes these drinks so tasty. I was lucky to try them out and decided to enjoy these mocktails with my girls. Mocktail party yay!


A very refreshing drink. When you serve this on ICE this is the perfect drink when you are feeling thristy or don't like drinks that are too sweet.


My absolute favourite! I could litteraly drink the whole bottle without guilt or ending up being drunk lol! Served with a slice of peach and ice cubes this drink tastes like summer. Bellini has that perfect sweet touch. Summer vibes all the way!


Delicious! The perfect balance between bitter and sweet. I hardly could taste the difference from the alocolic version, so why not go for the healthier and more responsible version of Vintense?

What about you?

I can say that I'm a fan and I want to convince you too! I would go for these non-alcoholic any day over the alcoholic version. I mean, drinking and driving is so not cool don't you think so? And just drinking to get drunk is not cool at all in my opinion. If you want to be a better version of yourself or just want to try these delicious drinks, then I have good news for you! I am allowed to give two people a test package of the Vintense ICE mocktails!

How can you win?

1. Go to this post on my instagram (click immage):

2. You have to follow me

3. Like the post and tag 2 friends you want to taste these drinks with.

Winner will be announced the 11th of august. Good luck!

For more info head over to the Vintense website.


This post was made in collaboration with Vintense but the opinions are my own aswell as the experience of the mocktail party.

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