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VIP opening Nespresso Leuven + Masterclass iced coffee

Last week I got invited to a very special event: Leuven (the city where I live) opened a new Nespresso boutique. They offered a very select group (perks of being called an 'influencer' lol) to be part of it and even better: to participate their iced coffee masterclass. It was a great experience with so many delicious coffee's and recipes!

Nespresso vip opening Leuven Influencer Shallie

We were offered a seat by the bar or 'labkitchen' as they call it where the barista makes the coffees. The theme of the workshop was iced coffee. And oh boy I LOVE ICED COFFEE! No I love all kinds of coffee but iced coffee is probably my favourite. Or maybe cappuccino... Hm, anyways, Nespresso came out with two limitid edition flavours: Shakerato and Salentina. Shakerato is an intense coffee with a strong accent. Salentina is softer, named after the south of Italy where everything is tranquillo.

The barista told us everything about the process of making coffee, the beans, the farming,.. and we also got to smell different types of Nespresso's right before the tasting. The most special combo I tasted was the Caffè Romana : Iced coffee with mint and lemon ! This recipe was inspired by the Romans who washed their cups with the peel of the lemon and because of that their coffee always had a taste of lemon in it. My favourite of the night was the Salentina with vanilla icecream, whipcream topped with nuts. Hello calories !

After the workshop the VIP opening started. After a couple of speeches we got to enjoy a lot of food, champagne and obviously Nespresso while the DJ was spinning the decks. I had a great time eating all the Italian bites. Oh, lets not forget about desert: they had tiramisu waiting for us outside !

At the end of this great event we were also gifted a goodiebag with lots of stuff in it! Nespresso cups, a candle, a mug,.. One thing is sure: I already was a coffee-lover but Nespresso just took this to a whole other level! Thank you Nespresso Leuven for having me, I had a blast !

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