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Where to stay in Sanur : Maison Aurélia

Maison Aurélia, where style and class meet French Colonial. The hotel is located in a very pleasant area in Sanur. When you walk on the street you feel the vacation vibes more than anywhere else in Bali in my opinion. Cozy shops and cafés on each side of the street, classy restaurants close by the beach : Sanur has everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Top this off with a luxury stay at Maison Aurélia for the perfect holiday.

When you enter the boutique hotel the whole place looks like an art work. Beautiful paintings are hanging on the walls, a fresh smell and amzing architecture in the French Colonial style make this hotel stand out from all the other ones in Bali. The style is unique. Also the name reflects the French influence: maison which means house in French. Aurélia comes from the Latin Aureus, meaning gold, reflects luxury. This can be found in all the golden details in the hotel.

The check in was lovely: we were offered a refreshing drink and ginger cookies, yum! The staff was so friendly and everything went smooth. We did have to wait a while before our room was ready but they assured us that the suitcases could be stored and we got some towels to go enjoy the poolside.

The poolside was amazing ! I loved the beds with the white curtains and pillows: perfect to relax all day! This made the whole pool area look like a fancy beach club. There was also a large jacuzzi and an outside shower.

Maison Aurélia also has a spa. The entrance is located by the pool so we decided to go take a look inside. Everything looked very neat and relaxing.

After an hour or two the room was ready. We were informed that they prepared the suite for us! We were so surprised and very excited for this. What an kind gesture. The room was very spacious and I just loved the French Colonial interior : dark wood and marble accents. The room had a little living room area, a big VERY comfortable bed and a spacious shower.

The details in the room were amazing. There was a french coffee press available, some coffee and tea. In the built in closet we found a stylish beach bag. In the bathroom there was a amenity box with razors and shaving cream, a dental kit, a brush and hairtie...Also two bottles of spring water were placed on the sink. In my opinion those little details just make a hotel stand out from other hotels.

In the evening the staff came to bring a cute little paper with the wheather forecast and a positive quote on it accompanied with some chocolate! So cute!

Waking up and leaving a bed so comfortable is anything but easy. Luckily breakfast was a good reason the wake up. The first day we had to pack breakfast because we had a day trip booked to Nuse Penida. We did get to enjoy a yummy cappuccino before we left. The second day we got the time to enjoy breakfast outside. Fresh fruits, eggs, bacon and of course a good cup of coffee were served by the lovely staff while we were sitting in the sun.

After two nights it was time to head to the next destination. We absolutely loved our stay at the hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpfull. The room was amazing and the fact that they gave us the suite was so kind.

If you want to stay at Maison Aurélia you can click this link to make a booking.


I was hosted by Maison Aurélia but all opinions still remain my own.

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