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Yves Rocher Christmas Collection

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

If you follow me on the gram you already know that Yves Rocher is one of my fav brands when it comes to beauty products. I got the opportunity to try out their new Christmas collection and I am absolutely thrilled! They designed 3 ranges this year : The Nuit Vanilla range, Golden Tea and the Red Apple collection. Keep reading to know which products I tested from these different Christmas collections.

1. Nuit Vanilla - Eyeshadow palette

This palette is lovely and definitely contains all the ingredients for a complete eye look. This palette will be one of my everyday go-to palettes. The packaging gives me an instant Christmas feeling.

2. Nuit Vanilla - Highlighter duo

I like this highlighter. It gives you a subtle glow when you combine the two shades together. You can also use them separate.

3. Nuit Vanilla - Highlighter touch

This product is darker and gives you a beautiful glow and you can use it on face and body. This highlighter is more outstanding. It also gives you a different look since it is a liquid highlighter.

4. Nuit Vanilla - Shower oil

I prefer shower oil over any soap or cream cause it hydrates my skin better. I love the soft smell of this shower oil.

5. Golden Tea - Hand cream

Hand cream is something that I will always have on me. As a lab technician I wash my hands 10 times a day or more so hand cream is a must for me ! This hand cream smells super good and does not stick at all!

6. Golden Tea - Shower oil

Once again, a nice shower oil with an amazing smell!

7. Red Apple - Body cream

Another product that I can not live without. I need to lotion myself everyday after I shower or my skin gets super itchy. This body cream has a nice texture and hydrates the skin. I think the red apple is one of my fav smells. Also the packaging with the apples is super cute.

8. Red Apple - Lip balm

I have been using the Yves Rocher lip balms for a while now. They are nice and creamy and not too thick. Once again a product that I use on a daily basis.

I think Yves Rocher came out with 3 amazing collections, each with a different smell. Combine some of the products from the different collections or get all the products from one range : truth is You can't go wrong with an Yves Rocher gift for under the tree. Also the products are good quality and affordable. If you feel inspired and want to get some stuff from the Christmas Collection go visit the website .

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